MCMH proposes a participatory methodology where elements such as dance, writing and scene are used to open not only spaces for emotional discharge but also bidirectional and meaningful learning, all of this, through the passage through a few moments that include the exploration of needs and interests; rooting your inner artist, embodying personal emotions, staging group stories, crafting experience; and entrepreneurship towards dream visualization.

We prevent child labor and child violence through activities related to artistic training and scenic creation. We use psychosocial work and research methodologies with children and adolescents from Ladrilleros in Buenaventura.

Since 2020, MCMH Fundación has not had contact with the Ladrilleros community in Buenaventura, due to public health situations such as the health emergency caused by COVID-19, and various problems of violence in the area. That is why, for the moment, this line is on hiatus in the township of Ladrilleros. We hope in the future to resume our support for this community that we love deeply.